Construction of D-category State Fire and Rescue Service depot in Priekule

Construction works of internal networks (heating unit, water and sewerage, heating, conditioning, ventilation, gas) and external networks (gas). Lavtiski iela 6, Priekule, South Kurzeme district.

General contractor – SIA “RERE Būve”

“Reconstruction of “Press House” into an office building and multifunctional center”. Ballast dam 2, Riga

Construction of MC and BC building heating systems.

General contractor – SIA “UPB Nams”

Construction of a sports complex. Žemaitijos g. 2, Naujoji Akmenė, Lietuva.

Construction works of heating, heat supply, water supply and internal sewerage networks, and rainwater drainage.

General contractor – UAB “INFES”