Construction of D-category State Fire and Rescue Service depot in Priekule

Construction works of internal networks (heating unit, water and sewerage, heating, conditioning, ventilation, gas) and external networks (gas). Lavtiski iela 6, Priekule, South Kurzeme district.

General contractor – SIA “RERE Būve”

“Reconstruction of “Press House” into an office building and multifunctional center”. Ballast dam 2, Riga

Construction of MC and BC building heating systems.

General contractor – SIA “UPB Nams”

Construction of a sports complex. Žemaitijos g. 2, Naujoji Akmenė, Lietuva.

Construction works of heating, heat supply, water supply and internal sewerage networks, and rainwater drainage.

General contractor – UAB “INFES”

“VERDE” office building complex. Roberta Hirša street 1, Rīga

A – construction works on the building’s Heating, Heat Supply, Water Supply and Sewerage internal networks, temporary storm drains, Ventilation system and smoke removal system. Insulation installation works, ventilation system air duct construction works on the roof.

General contractor SIA “VELVE”

Production building, Ganību street 1/3, Liepāja

The partial renovation of the ventilation system.

General contractor – SIA “AE Partner”

Construction of grocery store on Ezermalas street 3a, Liepāja

Construction works of heating, heat supply, ventilation, cooling, water supply and sewerage systems.

General contractor – SIA “Anzāģe”

Construction of a complex of reinforced concrete products and concrete production plant, Cukura street 34, Liepāja

Construction of ceiling panel heating using panels supplied by the main contractor, construction of heat supply for technological stands-tables, construction of heat supply for ventilation heaters and mixing units for PN1, and PN2 ventilation equipment.

General company – AS “UPB”

“Ādažu National Learning Center”, Kadaga, Ādažu District

Construction of two heating units. New construction of two barracks in two phases.

General contractor – SIA “UPB Nams”

Construction of the infrastructure of the yacht port, round 1. Vecā Ostmala 39, Liepāja

Construction of internal and external UK networks.

General contractor – SIA “RERE Meistari”


Construction of heating and cooling systems, internal water supply and sewage systems, external water supply and sewage systems.

General contractor – SIA “UPTK”