Officers’ meeting house, Atmodas bulvāris 9, Liepāja

Heating reconstruction works.

General contractor – procurement center of the Ministry of National Defense.

Reconstruction and construction of oil product transshipment and storage facilities, Ziemeku street 19C, Liepāja.

External UK network construction works in two phases. First round 01.2014. – 03.2014. Second round 10.2014. – 01.2015.

Apartment building Turaidas street, Jurmala – 9 buildings in total with a common basement

Construction of the heating system, gas boiler house 1 Mw.

General contractor – SIA “Litana-Latvija”

Riga Psychiatry and Narcology Center. Tvaika street 2, Rīga

Reconstruction of heating and heating unit, reconstruction of internal water supply and sewerage networks.

General contractor – SIA “RE&RE”

Graudu street 1, Krimūnas parish, Dobele county

Construction of heating, ventilation and conditioning system, construction of internal water supply and sewerage system, reconstruction of the boiler house, construction of the internal and external gas system.

General contractor – SIA “KVINTETS M”